NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
basic-move-and-dodge-game[LEARNING] basic godot game based off the tutorial by borncg on youtube figbert2022-06-03 06:56
big-sur-icons[DORMANT] various icons in the new macos big sur style figbert2020-11-13 00:38
captains-log[TO-FIX] audiojournaling app figbert2019-11-24 04:38
clx-browser[ACTIVE] a smol browser based off of circumflex figbert2022-09-06 20:37
css-system-colors[ACTIVE] a grid of css system colors figbert2024-05-19 04:43
d3c3nt[DORMANT] a fairly decent theme for the zola static site engine figbert2022-06-14 01:37
dockerfiles[ACTIVE] various dockerfiles for projects that don't have them figbert2023-07-06 11:42
dotfiles[ACTIVE] managed with chezmoi figbert2023-01-13 17:56[ACTIVE] the capsule and home of figbert in geminispace figbert2022-02-20 07:54[ACTIVE] the website and home of figbert on the clearnet figbert2024-04-25 20:29
figbertmath[RADIOACTIVE] miscellaneous math programs in website form figbert2021-03-19 00:23
figenc[RADIOACTIVE] rsa and symmetric key encryption scripts and executables figbert2019-12-07 07:44
gbonsai[DORMANT] a port of cbonsai to go figbert2021-12-10 05:51
gemenon[ACTIVE] The Safari of the Gemini ecosystem figbert2023-01-24 21:48
inform-class[DORMANT] the products of a summer text adventures course figbert2022-05-23 05:35
judeofuturism[DORMANT] final project for a class on afrofuturism figbert2022-05-03 05:12
learning-blender[LEARNING] my "playthrough" of blender guru's famous doughnut tutorial figbert2022-06-03 07:13
project-euler-100[RADIOACTIVE] solutions to the first 100 challenges of project euler figbert2020-02-11 21:48
sci-oly-detector-building[RADIOACTIVE] arduino thermometer for science olympiad figbert2020-03-04 02:00
sevivon-design[DORMANT] design files for sevivon figbert2022-06-03 07:24
sevivon-inspiration[DORMANT] media to inspire sevivon's aesthetic figbert2021-04-25 20:02
sevivon-prototype[RADIOACTIVE] a concept version of sevivon figbert2022-06-03 07:27
sevivon[DORMANT] multiplayer dreidel game for mobile devices w/ godot figbert2022-06-03 21:46
swiftgemini[ACTIVE] gemini protocol in swift figbert2022-10-01 04:12
swiftgemtext[ACTIVE] gemtext parsing in swift figbert2022-10-02 06:05
teachers-assistant[RADIOACTIVE] oh boy did i make bad apps back in the day figbert2019-07-24 23:23[DORMANT] the official website of txtodo figbert2023-01-09 22:31
txtodo[DORMANT] a minimalist todo list app inspired by jeff huang figbert2023-01-09 22:24
ucdavis-ecs189m[RADIOACTIVE] python exploits for uc davis class ecs189m figbert2020-03-01 00:00
webhadash[DORMANT] hebrew website design figbert2019-11-11 16:55