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2021-03-19 00:23Remove analytics scriptFIGBERT1+0-1
2021-03-03 01:29Update analytics script integrity hashFIGBERT1+1-1
2021-02-06 21:40Remove keybase.txtFIGBERT1+0-68
2021-01-05 01:02Update dependencies, .gitignore, and README.mdFIGBERT4+31332-6961
2020-09-22 07:07:whale: Change base image to node:alpineFIGBERT1+2-3
2020-09-21 02:19:fire: Remove Netlify redirects fileFIGBERT1+0-4
2020-09-19 22:57:whale: Add Docker files and nginx configFIGBERT3+33-0
2020-09-19 18:49:art: Move analytics to the head from bodyFIGBERT1+1-1
2020-09-19 18:45:chart_with_upwards_trend: Move stats from GoatCounter to UmamiFIGBERT1+1-2
2020-09-19 18:40:fire: Remove yarn.lockFIGBERT1+0-11117
2020-09-12 19:15Merge pull request #6 from FIGBERT/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/http-proxy-1.18.1FIGBERT1+10-12
2020-09-10 22:33Bump http-proxy from 1.18.0 to 1.18.1dependabot[bot]1+10-12
2020-08-14 03:51Merge pull request #5 from FIGBERT/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/serialize-javascript-4.0.0FIGBERT1+1717-916
2020-08-14 02:48Bump serialize-javascript from 1.9.1 to 4.0.0dependabot[bot]1+1717-916
2020-08-14 02:47:arrow_up: Upgrade dependenciesFIGBERT2+13396-4
2020-08-01 17:26Merge pull request #4 from FIGBERT/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/elliptic-6.5.3FIGBERT1+6-6
2020-08-01 07:07Bump elliptic from 6.5.2 to 6.5.3dependabot[bot]1+6-6
2020-06-07 21:16:lock: Merge pull request #3 from FIGBERT/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/websocket-extensions-0.1.4FIGBERT1+15-208
2020-06-07 14:35Bump websocket-extensions from 0.1.3 to 0.1.4dependabot[bot]1+15-208
2020-03-14 18:16:arrow_up: Upgrade all dependencies to fix security issuestherealFIGBERT1+1399-1323
2020-03-14 18:08Merge pull request #2 from therealFIGBERT/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/acorn-5.7.4therealFIGBERT1+3-3
2020-03-14 16:30Bump acorn from 5.7.3 to 5.7.4dependabot[bot]1+3-3
2020-01-28 07:09Add keybase prooftherealFIGBERT1+68-0
2020-01-27 22:36Update GoatCounter scripttherealFIGBERT1+2-11
2020-01-20 01:34Add GoatCounter analytics scripttherealFIGBERT1+11-0
2020-01-20 01:29Add redirect file for NetlifytherealFIGBERT1+4-0
2019-12-08 01:01Upgrade packages to their latest versionstherealFIGBERT1+448-342
2019-12-06 04:12Add ending whitespace line to files without onetherealFIGBERT7+9-16
2019-12-06 04:06Organize functions and props in the lowLevel js filestherealFIGBERT3+23-26
2019-12-06 03:54Organize functions and props in the highLevel js filestherealFIGBERT6+185-178
2019-12-06 03:39Limit simEQ vars to 5, increase input width, clear output on var changetherealFIGBERT2+6-3
2019-12-06 03:27Round all output to two decimal points, add variable names to the output screentherealFIGBERT1+15-0
2019-12-05 23:32Add functionality to the simultaneous equation calculatortherealFIGBERT2+34-5
2019-12-04 17:24Add simultaneous equation solver graphics, add immutability-helper packagetherealFIGBERT6+208-13
2019-12-03 05:03Add largeButton type 'range' for raising and lowering a provided valuetherealFIGBERT2+54-6
2019-12-03 04:51Fix display error for multi-line outputstherealFIGBERT2+27-7
2019-12-02 21:26Prepare project for Gaussian algorithm implementationtherealFIGBERT3+3-558
2019-12-02 21:10Add feature solving systems of equations with 2, 3, or 4 variables.therealFIGBERT5+590-4
2019-12-01 00:03Fix error in button generation potentially causing errors.therealFIGBERT2+2-0
2019-11-30 07:58Add polygon angle calculatortherealFIGBERT3+102-2
2019-11-28 21:55Update project READMEtherealFIGBERT1+12-2
2019-11-28 21:43Add consecutive number solvertherealFIGBERT3+151-0
2019-11-28 06:10Rename folders to better describe contentstherealFIGBERT15+319-319
2019-11-28 06:01Make code more modular and reusable, convert CSS to modular CSS, switch to yarn from npmtherealFIGBERT26+11018-14002
2019-11-26 06:01Add functionality to angular size/real size/distance calculatortherealFIGBERT1+52-6
2019-11-26 03:14Add angular size/real size/distance calculator graphicstherealFIGBERT6+244-1
2019-11-25 17:53Add error handling for NaN and null/undefined in basic calculatortherealFIGBERT1+3-0
2019-11-25 08:07Add mode select screen, fix calculator undefined errorstherealFIGBERT10+158-47
2019-11-25 06:14Renaming button css classtherealFIGBERT2+2-2
2019-11-25 05:15Add functionality to basic calculator, add missing calculator row, restructure calculator filestherealFIGBERT10+188-103
2019-11-24 07:22Merge all CSS into one file, add initial dynamic pad selectiontherealFIGBERT5+78-63
2019-11-24 06:55Add mode button to basic padtherealFIGBERT1+1-1
2019-11-24 06:50Add small margin between number and top border of calculatortherealFIGBERT1+1-1
2019-11-24 06:34Make calculator more responsive on desktoptherealFIGBERT3+21-19
2019-11-23 19:36Make the buttons clickable, move the font out of the components folder, move basicPad to calcPads foldertherealFIGBERT6+21-28
2019-11-23 02:25Separate BasicPad into calcPads.js, move inline background style into classtherealFIGBERT4+29-38
2019-11-23 01:55Add initial basic pad, migrating Tomorrow import into index.csstherealFIGBERT4+87-10
2019-11-22 17:44Create button component, modify calcOut prop typestherealFIGBERT2+28-2
2019-11-22 17:19Localize font, add PropTypes package, convert CSS calcOut id to subclass of CSS calc class, make calcOut a subclass of React.ComponenttherealFIGBERT5+33-8
2019-11-22 16:24Move App files into the components directory and merge with calculator.jstherealFIGBERT5+27-37
2019-11-22 05:49Add calculator output screentherealFIGBERT4+46-1
2019-11-21 19:31Change background to dark red, update ReactDOM to fix display errortherealFIGBERT2+8-2
2019-11-21 07:40Reset to empty ReactJS app generated with create-react-apptherealFIGBERT27+13496-1464
2019-11-10 21:05Simplifying the consecutive number solver, camelcasing the CSS, and updating the Javascript syntaxtherealFIGBERT11+235-362
2019-11-09 20:16Linting, updating, and clarifying JS, mildly beautifying the site, adding .gitignoretherealFIGBERT13+750-440
2019-09-24 22:28Fully implementing Size Calculator, upgrading Javascript syntax, and swapping linter to JSHinttherealFIGBERT8+72-35
2019-09-22 17:50Rudimentary size calculator, homescreen graphical overhaul, mild miscellaneous graphical changestherealFIGBERT5+153-21
2019-09-20 17:53Condensing stylesheets and updating to BEM syntax, and correcting link addresses.therealFIGBERT7+105-264
2019-06-18 06:06Updating homescreen graphicstherealFIGBERT2+13-7
2019-06-12 19:08Small syntax changestherealFIGBERT1+1-1
2019-06-12 18:55Adding consecNum programtherealFIGBERT8+292-26
2019-06-11 17:35Finishing stage 1therealFIGBERT1+27-7
2019-06-11 06:53Updating codetherealFIGBERT3+109-241
2019-06-10 22:02Updating filestherealFIGBERT7+339-149
2019-06-01 04:28First committherealFIGBERT6+922-0