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2023-01-13 17:56Update language server configFIGBERT1+2-1
2023-01-13 17:55Move vimwiki to main syncthing directoryFIGBERT1+1-1
2023-01-13 17:55Remove deprecated param from alacritty configFIGBERT1+0-1
2022-08-14 03:14Adjust height of bemenuFIGBERT1+1-1
2022-08-13 17:44Add Koach calendarFIGBERT2+18-0
2022-08-13 00:43Set week start to Sunday in khalFIGBERT1+1-0
2022-08-09 21:18Add school calendar by subscriptionFIGBERT2+18-0
2022-08-09 21:14Add TeX language serverFIGBERT1+1-0
2022-06-16 21:42Add git user to SSH configFIGBERT1+4-0
2022-06-06 01:10Remove Git LFSFIGBERT1+0-5
2022-06-01 04:01Add public inbox email account to aercFIGBERT1+8-0
2022-04-18 20:43Update treesitter parser selectionFIGBERT1+1-1
2022-04-17 18:20Different approach to fixing weechatFIGBERT1+3-1
2022-04-17 18:15Maybe not everything needs a license uknowFIGBERT1+0-674
2022-04-17 08:36Add weechat alias on macOSFIGBERT1+1-0
2022-04-17 08:36Update SSH setupFIGBERT2+7-2
2022-03-29 18:16Add GPLv3 licenseFIGBERT1+674-0
2022-03-17 02:48Make alacritty transparent on macOSFIGBERT1+1-1
2022-02-06 05:13Remove fish greetingFIGBERT1+1-0
2022-02-06 02:40Move from zsh to fishFIGBERT2+32-48
2022-01-24 17:33Add initial support for Nim syntax highlightingFIGBERT1+4-1
2022-01-24 05:52Update Alacritty config for updated versionFIGBERT1+4-4
2022-01-16 18:30Double quotes instead of single quotesFIGBERT1+1-1
2021-12-26 20:52Update Amfora configFIGBERT1+32-29
2021-12-17 17:40Enable linting for DenoLSFIGBERT1+6-1
2021-11-26 08:58Replace completion.nvim with nvim-cmpFIGBERT1+48-16
2021-10-17 18:02View gopher urls in phetch from AmforaFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-10-17 18:02Add Dash plugin to nvim on macOSFIGBERT1+3-0
2021-08-12 17:03Add Python language server to nvim/init.luaFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-07-25 01:55Update names of SSH keysFIGBERT1+2-2
2021-07-24 03:59Increase wlsunset low tempFIGBERT1+1-1
2021-07-23 22:39Update NeoVim configurationFIGBERT1+12-10
2021-07-23 22:38Remove background color from NeoVim themesFIGBERT2+11-11
2021-07-23 21:27Add SwayWM and i3status-rust configFIGBERT2+172-0
2021-07-23 05:13Add vdirsyncer, khal, and khard configurationFIGBERT3+74-0
2021-07-23 01:58Fix error when using GPG on voidbertFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-07-23 01:58Change gpg to gpg2 in gitconfig when on LinuxFIGBERT1+1-1
2021-07-20 23:33Replace usage of homedir with homeDirFIGBERT2+3-3
2021-07-20 23:30Enable Rust, Golang, and Zig language serversFIGBERT1+3-0
2021-07-02 19:21Enable CSS language server in NeovimFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-07-01 08:46Update NeoVim config to Lua for version 0.5FIGBERT4+238-76
2021-07-01 08:33Update alacritty color themesFIGBERT1+52-22
2021-06-22 07:40Update .ssh/known_hosts after move to AlpineFIGBERT1+2-1
2021-06-21 06:04Default to git pull --rebaseFIGBERT1+1-1
2021-06-19 05:16Don't include battery section on serverFIGBERT2+19-18
2021-06-16 23:01Add zoxide init to .zshrcFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-06-16 23:01Prevent vimwiki from creating temporary wikisFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-06-10 03:53Enable STARTTLS in aerc configFIGBERT1+13-11
2021-06-10 02:01Update aerc accounts.confFIGBERT1+11-3
2021-06-04 05:09Add aerc accounts.conf config fileFIGBERT1+7-0
2021-06-04 02:03Export XDG_CONFIG_HOME explicitlyFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-06-04 00:59Add git send-email configurationFIGBERT1+5-0
2021-05-15 00:31Remove pyenv commands from .zshrc if not on macOSFIGBERT1+2-0
2021-05-15 00:04Add tmux configurationFIGBERT1+1-0
2021-05-14 23:03Update .zshrc for my Linux machinesFIGBERT1+14-1
2021-05-14 22:45Update Alacritty config for my Linux machinesFIGBERT1+8-0
2021-05-14 20:52Initial commitFIGBERT22+436-0