[DORMANT] a minimalist todo list app inspired by jeff huang
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2022-06-03 07:32No more Git LFSFIGBERT1+0-2
2021-03-21 22:03Remove vertical padding on tasks on macOSFIGBERT2+2-3
2021-03-21 02:01Hide notification time instead of disablingFIGBERT3+19-18
2021-03-21 01:41Bump macOS patch version numberFIGBERT1+2-2
2021-03-21 01:08Remove background color from tasks on macOSFIGBERT1+0-1
2021-01-05 00:51Add homepage repo mirror to README.mdFIGBERT1+2-1
2021-01-05 00:26Reformat README.mdFIGBERT1+25-13
2021-01-05 00:19Surround mirror with parenthesisFIGBERT1+1-1
2021-01-05 00:10Add link to Github mirror to README.mdFIGBERT1+1-1
2020-12-13 08:45Add design assets for icons and app previewsFIGBERT33+1-0
2020-12-12 04:10Update iOS and macOS version numbersFIGBERT2+4-4
2020-12-12 03:23Convert Localizable.string from binary to textFIGBERT2+0-0
2020-12-12 02:58Change "tap" to "write here"FIGBERT2+0-0
2020-12-12 01:44Fix glitch preventing note editingFIGBERT3+5-11
2020-12-11 19:52Hide title of priority picker while editingFIGBERT2+2-0
2020-12-11 19:33Add progress view while tip jar is loadingFIGBERT1+13-8
2020-11-25 21:09Simplify SceneBuilder codeFIGBERT3+5-26
2020-11-21 22:23Increment path version for iOS and macOSFIGBERT2+4-4
2020-11-21 22:21Replace Liberapay link with in-app purchasesFIGBERT8+66-14
2020-11-21 22:19Add StoreManager.swift to manage in-app purchasesFIGBERT2+102-0
2020-11-17 06:38Replace Figma file with Sketch versionFIGBERT2+0-0
2020-11-17 05:31Update iOS version tagsFIGBERT1+2-2
2020-11-17 05:28Add localization to DonationSectionFIGBERT3+2-2
2020-11-17 05:15Add donation view with Liberapay linkFIGBERT4+38-0
2020-11-17 03:22Shift padding in macOS SettingsViewFIGBERT1+1-1
2020-11-17 03:20Update deprecated syntax in macOS TaskViewFIGBERT1+2-2
2020-11-17 03:20Update app signing for developmentFIGBERT1+2-2
2020-10-09 00:47Replace Github URLs with GiteaFIGBERT1+2-2
2020-09-24 00:33Move macOS versioning from 3.0.0 to 1.0.0FIGBERT1+2-2
2020-09-17 23:40Update to recommended configFIGBERT1+3-1
2020-09-17 16:13Update deprecated TextView syntaxFIGBERT4+8-8
2020-08-23 05:12Localize app titleFIGBERT3+36-0
2020-08-21 04:09Add figma icon design fileFIGBERT1+0-0
2020-08-20 03:43Add checkmark app icon for iOS and macOSFIGBERT29+28-0
2020-08-12 20:39Rewrite txtodo in new cross-platform structureFIGBERT36+2215-0