[DORMANT] multiplayer dreidel game for mobile devices w/ godot
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,134 @@ +* Ruleset +** Game Setup +*** Each player receives a set amount of gelt +Initially this is set to 10, but in the final game players will choose between +a number of options. +*** The pot starts with 5 gelt +** Each Spin +*** The spin order is the order clients joined the lobby +*** Each player takes/gives gelt to the pot based on spin +**** Gimel - take all +**** Hey - take half (floored) +**** Nun - take nothing +**** Shin - put one in +*** If the pot has less than two pieces of gelt, everyone puts in one piece +**** If a player cannot put in a piece, they are out +** Win Condition +*** A winner is determined once everybody else is out + +* Multiplayer Documentation +** Networking +1. [[][High-Level Multiplayer]] +2. [[][Making HTTP Requests]] +3. [[][SSL Certificates]] +** Server Exports +1. [[][Exporting for Dedicated Servers]] +2. [[][Compiling a Server Build for macOS]] +3. [[][Compiling a Server build for Linux]] +** GDScript +1. [[][GDScript Style Guide]] + +* Daily Journaling +** <2021-01-30 Sat> +Today I took the time to read through the Godot multiplayer documentation and +implement the basic lobby structure. Each client initializes itself, checking +whether or not it's a server or client, and connect to a hard-coded IP address +~SERVER_IP~ currently pointing to my laptop on the local network. It probably +isn't considered a security issue to have that in a public repo, but I'm not +sure. + +The code is a little rough right now, but it's supposed to be. The current +version is just there to do the basics (literally text-based) and then I +can spend as much time as I want refining and adding graphics and such. + +At the end of the day today, the game can: +- Run as a headless server +- Connect to the server, and alert the user of a successfull or failed connection +- Alert the user when another client joins or leaves the lobby, and output their + ~id~. + +Tommorrow I am going to work on: +- Defining a dreidel rule set +- Outlining how the data is passed around over the network + + How is the game data structured? + + Does the client take actions and the server validate them, or does the + server request actions from the client? +- Starting the game when the lobby is full +** <2021-01-31 Sun> +I spent the first part of today's work writing a ruleset for dreidel, outlined +above. It's based on the rules found on Wikipedia,, and my personal +experience. It also should be fairly easy to implement! + +I also butted heads with the multiplayer code a bit - it's hard to make a game - +but I've got a bit of a general strategy defined now. The client should do as +little thinking of its own as possible: it's primary function should be to +respond to calls from the server. Additionally, the code for client and server +should be kept as separate as possible. I considered having functions for each +section always begin with a prefix of some sort (i.e. ~client_*~ or ~server_*~). +I have passed on this for now, but may change that decision later if I can make +certain that all names retain their clarity. + +Tomorrow, I have to start implementing the actual game - working on the lobby +code is not the goal of this project! Mastering ~rpc~ calls will be difficult, +but I am confident that I can get a strong start on the gameplay if I focus. +** <2021-02-01 Mon> +This project is moving at the speed of light. Today, I basically finished the +backend code. Players now take turns spinning the dreidel, gaining and losing +gelt, and everything works flawlessly. It's really exciting. + +The main change I implemented today was inserting a step between roll decection +(~client_spun~) and moving on to the next player (~_iterate_turn~) which chooses +a random side of the dreidel and performs actions on the pot and players' gelt +(~_spin_dreidel~). + +One of the more interesting problems I encountered in making this functions was +how to implement the randomness. At first, I defined it as such: +#+BEGIN_SRC gdscript +round(rand_range(0, 3)) +#+END_SRC +This block generates a random float (decimal) between 0 and 3 and rounds it to +the nearest integer, which I use to select a dreidel face from an array. Do you +see the problem? The problem lies in the function I used - ~round~. The numbers +at the end of the range have only have the change of getting selected as those in +the middle! With that implementation, 0 would only be selected if the number +generated was between 0 and 0.5. The same applies for 3: it would only be +selected if the number generated was between 2.5 and 3. These both are less than +the chance of getting a 1 or a 2, which have a range of 1 each - double the range +of 0 and 3! + +So how did I fix it? Like this: +#+BEGIN_SRC gdscript +floor(rand_range(0, 4)) +#+END_SRC +This new version ensure that each number has an equal change of being selected, +instead of being biased toward the center. + +Tomorrow, I'm going to focus on polishing the text output. The operations on +the pot need to be more clear, and I am considering splitting the processes +of spinning and anteing up. Most importantly, however, I must add a win +condition! +** <2021-02-02 Tue> +Well, three cheers for unexpected challenges. Adding a win/lose system was +incredibly difficult. I expected it to be a breeze. I actually had to implement +it twice, because my first attempt was unsalvagable. The second time around, I +walked through the whole codebase piece by piece with my dad, and we worked it +out together. The most interesting thing he suggested was a cool trick in +boolean math: to figure out if there is only one true value in an array of +booleans, convert them all to binary, and if the sum is 1 then there's only one +~true~. Pretty useful. + +With that final system implemented, it's time to polish off the textual +interface before moving on to add some real graphics. By Friday, I need to: ++ Increase the font size ++ Get running on Android ++ Split and request the ante + - It's currently lumped in with the rest of the spin, which makes + the math a little confusing. ++ Add usernames + - Judah + - Yochanan + - Shimon + - Elazar + - Yonatan ++ Add auditory or haptic feedback to dreidel spins ++ Increase lobby max size and add start/restart mechanisms