[DORMANT] multiplayer dreidel game for mobile devices w/ godot
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -133,3 +133,37 @@ interface before moving on to add some real graphics. By Friday, I need to: - Yonatan + Add auditory or haptic feedback to dreidel spins + Increase lobby max size and add start/restart mechanisms +** <2021-02-06 Sat> +When I said Friday I meant the 12th... I promise. I've been hard at work +implementing the features I discussed above. I knocked out the font size patch +on the first day - that one was a freebie - and then spent the rest of the day +and half of the next trying to get the game running on a Pixel 4a. Now it does! +Turns out, the only real problem I encountered was myself. I had enabled Kill +Switch with my VPN app, and thus when I disabled it to access the local network +it prevented me from connecting to my laptop - tad of a facepalm there. + +The next while I spent implementing, failing, and reimplementing the ante and +usernames. I've noticed that when designing new features, I tend to get 85% of +the way there and then decide that I want to start over and do it another way. +Both the ante and username systems are currently almost complete, but not quite +there yet. With antes, I initially struggled to figure out how to implement some +sort of waiting system - how to get the spin function to pause until everybody +has confirmed the ante. The current design ignores that, but will allow me to +extend the current implementation to add a delay with ~yield~ and coroutines - +I just need to learn how to use them. A similar caveat exists with the username +system: all five have been added, but because the lobby size is currently +limited to two players (which itself is because I haven't implemented a start +mechanism), only Judah and Yochanan are ever used. + +Regardless, some incredible strides have been made in the last couple days. I'll +continue working on rounding out the feature set, and then polishing the textual +interface before I get to actual graphics. A non-exhaustive list of some things +I have to get done: ++ Add confirmation to the ante process with ~yield~ ++ Increase the lobby max size to five and make starting manual ++ Add auditory or haptic feedback to dreidel spins ++ Polish textual interface + - Make sure it looks nice on both iOS and Android + - Add little delays between messages (also with ~yield~) + - Make sure all the message are charismatic expressive + + Less like logs for a programmer and more like fun messages for a player