[DORMANT] multiplayer dreidel game for mobile devices w/ godot
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -193,6 +193,35 @@ non-exhaustive list of some things I have to get done: - Polish textual interface - Make sure it looks nice on both iOS and Android - Add little delays between messages (also with `yield`) - - Make sure all the message are charismatic expressive + - Make sure all the message are charismatic and expressive - Less like logs for a programmer and more like fun messages for a player +## 2021-02-11 Thu + +Over the past couple days, I achieved *most* of the above goals! Not bad. +Yesterday, I increased the maximum lobby size to five (which is where it will +stay) – now the first player to join must shake their phone once to start a +match. In doing so, I encountered a weird issue with `yield` that caused the +0.5 second delay I was implementing to not fire depending on where I placed +it within a function. Odd, but I worked it out in the end. + +I've also added haptic/vibrational feedback to dreidel spins. However, I'm not +sure this will make it into the final game. Once I start adding graphics, I +plan on also adding in a dreidel spinning sound effect which may replace the +current system or operate alongside it. + +For the final change I've made so far, I did some research into responsive +design with the Godot 2D editor and have made the `Label` element much more +adaptable to a variety of different screens. + +Current todos (not many left): + +- Go over ruleset one more time + - Lately I've been thinking that games are going on for too long. Potential + ways to fix this include changing up the gelt amounts, anteing after every + turn, and rounding up instead of down when you roll hey. +- Add confirmation to the ante process +- Polish messsages + - Add short delays between messages + - Make sure all messages make sense +