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Add Privacy Redirect for Safari project summary

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diff --git a/content/projects/index.gmi b/content/projects/index.gmi @@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ d88' d88' `?88P'`88bd88'`?88P'`?888P'd88' `?8b I make things! Here are some of them! They're open source! +=> privacy-redirect-for-safari.gmi Privacy Redirect for Safari: a Safari extension to redirect sites to privacy-friendly alternatives => txtodo.gmi txtodo: a minimalist todo list app => tofu.gmi Tofu: an easy-to-use 2FA app for iOS => simply-translate.gmi SimplyTranslate: a private front end for Google Translate diff --git a/content/projects/privacy-redirect-for-safari.gmi b/content/projects/privacy-redirect-for-safari.gmi @@ -0,0 +1,27 @@ +# Privacy Redirect for Safari + +Privacy Redirect for Safari is a web extension that automatically redirects Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Translate to alternative front-ends like Nitter and Teddit. These front-ends provide users with ways to access the content of popular sites, without exploiting your private information. + +=> Nitter on GitHub +=> Teddit on Codeberg + +Until now, extensions that could do this were limited to users of Chrome and Firefox. Privacy Redirect for Safari expands this functionality to Safari. + +Unlike other browsers, for many years Safari did not encourage the development of extensions. However, recent updates from Apple have signaled a change in direction, and useful extensions for Safari can finally be developed. Privacy Redirect for Safari is one of the first of this new wave of extensions. + +Privacy Redirect for Safari is the first step in creating a wealth of high-quality extensions for Safari. It's built with the latest and greatest in Apple technologies, like SwiftUI and Safari Web Extensions. + +=> See: Apple's docs on the new Safari Web Extensions + +Privacy Redirect for Safari is a fork of Simon Brazell's Chrome and Firefox extension, porting the extension's functionality to Safari. It solves one of the most frustrating problems with front-ends like Nitter – the need to manually edit links – by having the browser edit them for you. + +=> Simon Brazell's Privacy Redirect on GitHub + +Privacy Redirect for Safari is the first public release of SMMR Software, a collaboration between FIGBERT and Jacob Neplokh. It's currently available on macOS, and will arrive on iOS with the release of iOS 15 later this year. + +=> Check out SMMR Software, +=> Jacob Neplokh, +=> gemini:// and FIGBERT (that's me!). + +=> Download the app on the App Store, +=> and explore the source code on GitHub.