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Author: FIGBERT <>
Date:   Fri,  2 Jul 2021 19:12:50 -0700

Add project summary for my work on SimplyTranslate

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diff --git a/content/projects/index.gmi b/content/projects/index.gmi @@ -24,3 +24,4 @@ I make things! Here are some of them! They're open source! => txtodo.gmi txtodo: a minimalist todo list app => tofu.gmi Tofu: an easy-to-use 2FA app for iOS +=> simply-translate.gmi SimplyTranslate: a private front end for Google Translate diff --git a/content/projects/simply-translate.gmi b/content/projects/simply-translate.gmi @@ -0,0 +1,32 @@ +# SimplyTranslate + +SimplyTranslate is a collection of "translation scrapers with interfaces for gemini and the web," made by metalune. +=> gemini:// Check out metalune on their Gemini capsule! + +In other words, SimplyTranslate is a privacy-respecting front end for Google Translate, similar to Twitter's Nitter. Over the course of a couple days – and one synchronous hacking session – I containerized the program to make it easier to deploy on servers worldwide. + +When I first found the program, I immediately wanted to add it to my collection of self-hosted front ends. I had only one problem: I run my services with Docker, and SimplyTranslate had no Dockerfile. I tried slapping something together quickly, but curling from the container only threw an error: + +```sh +curl: (52) Empty reply from server +``` + +I hopped onto the #simple-web IRC channel on Libera.Chat and started chatting with the devs. A couple days of back-and-forth later, we sat down to debug together. After scouring the internet, we determined that the application was binding to the wrong interface:, which is only accessible from the local machine, instead of, which is public. + +I cooked up a pair of working Dockerfiles – the first running the app directly and the second through uvicorn: +=> a fast ASGI server for Python. + +Metalune made a repo for the Dockerfiles, and I sent in a patch via email. It was committed within the hour. + +=> Check out the repo, +=> the patch I sent, +=> and the commit itself. + +This contribution was particularly interesting! We collaborated over IRC and across timezones, and I ended up returning to git's roots by submitting the patch via git send-email. Compared to the GitHub workflow, this feels very natural! + +You can use SimplyTranslate over on metalune's hosted instance, either +=> on the web +=> gemini:// or on Gemini. + +Also feel free to browse the source code +=> over on SourceHut.