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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,15 +1,28 @@ # txtodo.app -[txtodo.app](https://txtodo.app/) is the official website for the txtodo app, a simple, minimalist open-source todo app made by [figbert](https://figbert.com/). +[txtodo.app][homepage] is the official website for the txtodo app, a simple, +minimalist open-source todo app made by [figbert][figbert]. -the site is programmed using [svelte](https://svelte.dev/) and [tailwind css](https://tailwindcss.com/). +the site is programmed using [svelte][svelte] and [tailwind css][tailwind]. -## links -1. [txtodo homepage](https://txtodo.app/) -2. [figbert homepage](https://figbert.com/) -3. [txtodo repository](https://git.figbert.com/FIGBERT/txtodo) -4. [txtodo homepage repository](https://git.figbert.com/FIGBERT/txtodo.app) -5. [txtodo on the app store](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/txtodo/id1504609185) -## license +# links +1. [txtodo homepage][homepage] +2. [figbert homepage][figbert] +3. [txtodo repository][repo] ([mirror][repo-mirror]) +4. [txtodo homepage repository][site-repo] ([mirror][site-repo-mirror]) +5. [txtodo on the App Store][app-store] + +# license copyright © 2020 figbert industries. all rights reserved. + +[homepage]: https://txtodo.app/ +[figbert]: https://figbert.com/ +[svelte]: https://svelte.dev/ +[tailwind]: https://tailwindcss.com/ +[repo]: https://git.figbert.com/FIGBERT/txtodo +[repo-mirror]: https://github.com/FIGBERT/txtodo +[site-repo]: https://git.figbert.com/FIGBERT/txtodo.app +[site-repo-mirror]: https://github.com/FIGBERT/txtodo.app +[app-store]: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/txtodo/id1504609185 +