[DORMANT] media to inspire sevivon's aesthetic
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Author: FIGBERT <>
Date:   Sat, 27 Feb 2021 18:07:53 -0800

Add further inspiration

The style I'll go for in my game is something
similar to the "toon" aesthetic

Aaesthetic/beach.jpg | 0
Aaesthetic/explosion.webm | 0
Aaesthetic/lighthouse.jpg | 0
Aaesthetic/namaris.jpg | 0
Aaesthetic/rocket.webm | 0
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diff --git a/aesthetic/beach.jpg b/aesthetic/beach.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/aesthetic/explosion.webm b/aesthetic/explosion.webm Binary files differ. diff --git a/aesthetic/lighthouse.jpg b/aesthetic/lighthouse.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/aesthetic/namaris.jpg b/aesthetic/namaris.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/aesthetic/rocket.webm b/aesthetic/rocket.webm Binary files differ. diff --git a/aesthetic/winter-town.jpg b/aesthetic/winter-town.jpg Binary files differ.