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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,38 @@ +# One Angry Wizard +## Concept +You play as a human who has unknowingly been transformed into an octopus +by an angry wizard (the narrator) for not getting him a birthday +present. He's trapped you in a pocket dimension that you must now +escape, by solving a series of puzzles to collect eight keys and unlock +the door back to your dimension. + +## Game Mechanics +- Eight Tentacles + - Inventory of eight items + - Use eight items at once +- Octo-squeeze + - You can fit through holes the size of a US Dime +- Ink Squirt + - You always have ink +- Super Suckers + - You can stick to walls if the wall or you have been wet or the wall is glass +- Camoflage + - You can blend in with whatever you're on + +## Rooms +| Name | Moves (additive) | Description | +|-----------------------|------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| +| Empty Room | Start | A gigantic room made from a pristine gold-tinted stone. Embedded in the ceiling is a large compass. | +| Door with Eight Locks | (East Wall) | The majority of the east wall is a great wooden door (more a gate, actually) held closed by eight grand locks. | +| Tutorial Puzzle | W | A simple puzzle that introduces the eight-item inventory limit. | +| Experimenting Puzzle | S | A simple puzzle that has the player squeeze through a small space (not dime-sized, but still small). | +| Ink Puzzle | E | You can solve this puzzle once you figure out you're an octopus. Must produce ink to fill an inkwell | +| Reveal Puzzle | E | A key is taped to the ceiling, you have to climb a mirror to reach the ceiling. She secret is revealed. | +| Aquarium Puzzle | N | A key is on top of a shelf, an aquarium is in the room. You have to get wet and climb the wall to reach the key. | +| Car Puzzle | N | You have to drive a car backwards into a display case to break it and take the key from inside. | +| Computer Puzzle | W | You have to get the computer's passkey, which when you take it becomes an actual key. | +| Window Puzzle | W | You have to wait in the room and camoflage to see the wizard come in the room and check on the key. | +| Empty Room | SE | You've made a full loop, and are now back where you started. | + +## Misc. Details +Octopus Dewey Decimal Number: 594.56