[RADIOACTIVE] rsa and symmetric key encryption scripts and executables
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -5,29 +5,39 @@ from cryptography.hazmat.primitives import hashes from cryptography.hazmat.primitives.asymmetric import padding from cryptography.fernet import Fernet +# symmetric_enc() generates a single symmetric key def symmetric_enc(): + # Generating the symmetric key symmetric_key = Fernet.generate_key() + # Saving the symmetric key to the file symmetric_key.key with open('symmetric_key.key', 'wb') as symmetric_file: symmetric_file.write(symmetric_key) def rsa_enc(): + # Generating the symmetric key for use encrypting the file symmetric_key = Fernet.generate_key() + # Generating the private key object for use encrypting the symmetric key private_key = rsa.generate_private_key( public_exponent=65537, key_size=4096, backend=default_backend() ) + # Generating the public key object for use decrypting the symmetric key public_key = private_key.public_key() - private_key_passcode = input("Private Key Password: ") + # Collecting user input to add a password to the private key for additional security + private_key_passcode = input("Private Key Password (CRITICAL: DO NOT FORGET. DATA WILL BE LOST): ") + # Turning the private key object to readable text for export private_key_text = private_key.private_bytes( encoding=serialization.Encoding.PEM, format=serialization.PrivateFormat.PKCS8, encryption_algorithm=serialization.BestAvailableEncryption(bytes(private_key_passcode, 'utf-8')) ) + # Turning the public key object to readable text for export public_key_text = public_key.public_bytes( encoding=serialization.Encoding.PEM, format=serialization.PublicFormat.SubjectPublicKeyInfo ) + # Writing the keys to their respective files with open('private_key.pem', 'wb') as private_file: private_file.write(private_key_text) with open('public_key.pem', 'wb') as public_file: