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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ To see some of the things I do, you can: * Read my writing [on this site][posts] or in the [Atom feed][atom]{{ emoji(name="rss", alt="RSS symbol", top=true) }}. * Download [txtodo][txtodo-site] from [the App Store][txtodo-store]{{ emoji(name="apple", alt="Retro Apple logo", top=true) }} and read the [writeup][txtodo-article]. +* Take a look at the [source code for this site][site-src]{{ emoji(name="desktop-computer", alt="A computer", top=true) }}. It's all open source ([emojis][openmoji] included)! * Check out my text adventure, [One Angry Wizard][txt-adventure]{{ emoji(name="keyboard", alt="A keyboard") }}. I'm constantly working on more stuff, so continue checking back for more project highlights. @@ -50,6 +51,8 @@ This site is a proud member of the [geekring][geekring]{{ emoji(name="circuit", [txtodo-site]: [txtodo-store]: [txtodo-article]: @/projects/txtodo/ +[site-src]: +[openmoji]: [txt-adventure]: /one-angry-wizard.gblorb [hotline-webring]: [hw-prev]: