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Add Mabel to project summaries on homepage

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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ interesting problems in challenging areas that matter. To see some of the things I do, you can: - Read my writing [on this site] or in the [Atom feed]. -- Check out [Privacy Redirect for Safari], a [SMMR Software] creation. +- Check out [Mabel] and [Privacy Redirect for Safari]. - Download [txtodo] on [the App Store] and read the [writeup]. - Take a look at the [source code for this site]. - Play my text adventure, [One Angry Wizard]. @@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ I have some friends. Some of them have blogs: [on this site]: @/posts/ [Atom feed]: /atom.xml +[Mabel]: @/projects/mabel/ [Privacy Redirect for Safari]: @/projects/privacy-redirect-for-safari/ [SMMR Software]: [txtodo]: