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diff --git a/content/posts/ b/content/posts/ @@ -0,0 +1,34 @@ ++++ +title = "Some quality shitposting" +description = "" +date = 2021-02-10 ++++ + +I was doing my daily HN and Lobster trawling, when I stumbled on [a +post][shitpost] by [boringcactus][boringcactus] which sounded somewhat +familiar. About half way through I realized it was a truly epic +shitpost and genuinely burst out laughing. +<!-- more --> + +The story beings on February 2, 2021, on Drew Devault's blog, with a +post entitled [*I'm tired of this anti-Wayland horseshit*][wayland]. +It's a good read – Drew's a smart guy (he makes [Sourcehut][srcht]). +In it, he disparages detractors of Wayland and says that much of the +people who criticize it haven't given it a close enough look and +should think about what they're saying before they go shitting on +maintainers of an all-together pretty dope project. + +Seven days later he wrote [*Rust: "Move fast and break things" as a +moral imperative*][rust], in which he criticizes the Rust +Foundation's attitude toward stability and platform support. A fatal +mistake. In one fell swoop, and one `s/Wayland/Rust`, boringcactus +ended this man's career. Check it out: + +[*I'm tired of this anti-Rust horseshit*][shitpost] + +[shitpost]: +[boringcactus]: +[wayland]: +[srcht]: +[rust]: +