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Add "Moving to Hetzner from DigitalOcean" post

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diff --git a/content/posts/moving-to-hetzner-from-digitalocean/ b/content/posts/moving-to-hetzner-from-digitalocean/ @@ -0,0 +1,82 @@ ++++ +title = "Moving To Hetzner Cloud from DigitalOcean" +description = "Since I began working on self-hosting, I've been using a DigitalOcean VPS running Debian 10. However, after investigating the alternatives in the space, I'll be moving to Hetzner Cloud when my DigitalOcean credits run out in six months. Here's why." +date = 2020-11-01 ++++ + +Since I began working on self-hosting, I've been using a +[DigitalOcean][do] (affiliate link) VPS running [Debian 10][debian]. +However, after investigating the alternatives in the space, +I'll be moving to [Hetzner Cloud][hetzner] when my DigitalOcean +credits run out in six months. Here's why. +<!-- more --> + +I went with DigitalOcean as my hosting platform primarily because +of the USD$50 credit included with [Github Student][gh-student]. +I've used USD$20 of that credit as of today, and the remaining money +should run out around April 2020, giving me almost a year of VPS +for free. Not a bad deal. + +With that said, as my credits hit the half-way point, I've begun +to think about what's to come. Namely, the fact that my current +server is running at a constant 80% memory usage – severely +limiting what I can self-host. + +## Money talks... + +I currently use the cheapest DigitalOcean VPS available. I have +1 vCPU, 1GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD, and 1TB of data transfer. All that +power is packed in a clean USD$5 per month. This is, as far as cloud +hosts go, pretty good bang for your buck. Hetzner **blows that out of +the water**. Take a look at this table: + +| **USD/Month** | **vCPU** | **Memory** | **Storage** | **Traffic** | **Provider** | +|:--------------|:---------|:-----------|:------------|:------------|:-------------| +| $3.41 | 1 | 2GB | 20GB | 20TB | Hetzner | +| $4.77 | 2 | 2GB | 40GB | 20TB | Hetzner | +| $5.00 | 1 | 1GB | 25GB | 1TB | DigitalOcean | +| $6.70 | 2 | 4GB | 40GB | 20TB | Hetzner | +| $10.00 | 1 | 2GB | 25GB | 2TB | DigitalOcean | + +Check out the math on that, seriously. Hetzner's base tier offers +1 vCPU, 2GB of ram, 20GB of SSD, and 20TB of data transfer for +USD$3.41 per month. That's double the ram and 20 times the transfer +for almost **half the price** of my current DigitalOcean droplet. +The fourth down in the table above, the one I plan on purchasing, costs +USD$1.70 more than DigitalOcean and has **quadruple the performace** +of my current VPS. That's more than even *Docker* could need. Ok that +might be a slight exaggeration, but it's still a lot. + +## ...and it speaks for the trees. + +Hetzner is a [green hosting provider][green-web-directory], as +certified by the [Green Web Foundation][gwf]. DigitalOcean is not. +Obviously, climate change is important. If we look at it objectively, +it's one of the only extinction-level threats to human existence at +the moment. All that is to say that switching to a green hosting provider +is the only thing [I need to do][my-carbon] according to [this online +website carbon calculator][carbon-calc], and you know I can't resist +online website metrics. + +## So that's nice. + +Anyways, that's a pretty good summary of my thoughts on the move. I'm +probably going to use the move to make a few other changes to my hosting +setup (i.e. `docker-compose` to [`k3s`][k3s], [`umami`][umami] to +[`plausible`][plausible]). I'll keep you all abreast of the latest updates +to my hosting in future posts. + +Until then, this is FIGBERT signing off. I should make a more consistent outro. + +[do]: +[debian]: +[hetzner]: +[gh-student]: +[green-web-directory]: +[gwf]: +[my-carbon]: +[carbon-calc]: +[k3s]: +[umami]: +[plausible]: +