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diff --git a/content/index.gmi b/content/index.gmi @@ -20,16 +20,16 @@ d88' d88' `?88P'`88bd88'`?88P'`?888P'd88' `?8b 69 66 79 6F 75 77 69 6C 6C 69 74 69 74 69 73 6E 6F 64 72 65 61 6D ``` -I'm FIGBERT, an Israeli-American high school student with a passion for Computer Science and Engineering. I spend my time coding side-projects, doing schoolwork, and playing the occasional videogame. My current goal is to become a full-stack developer, proficient in everything from front-end design to cybersecurity. +I'm FIGBERT, an Israeli-American capsuleer. What brings you to this side of the cosmos, traveler? ## My Work To see some of the things I do, you can: => /log/ Read my gemlog on this capsule -=> /projects/ Check out all the projects I've worked on +=> /projects/ Peruse through the projects I've worked on => Download txtodo from the App Store -=> Download Tofu on iOS, which I contributed heavily too +=> Download Tofu on iOS => Take a look at the source code for this capsule => /static/one-angry-wizard.gblorb Check out my text adventure, One Angry Wizard @@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ I'm constantly working on more stuff, so continue checking back for more project You can find me on most platforms as FIGBERT: +=> My site on the WWW => My self-hosted Gitea instance (FIGBERT) => Github (FIGBERT) => Twitter (@therealfigbert) @@ -51,7 +52,7 @@ You can find me on most platforms as FIGBERT: You can contact me via email at using a variety of cryptographies: => /static/publickey-pgp.asc This PGP key (old-skool) -=> /static/age.txt My age key (written in Go, ooh) +=> /static/age.txt My age key (new and shiny) => /static/ My minisign key (is signing still crypto?) If for some reason you want to send me money, feel free to send it to one of my crypto address so I never notice: