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Date:   Sat, 19 Feb 2022 23:54:36 -0800

Add d3c3nt project summary

Acontent/projects/d3c3nt.gmi | 15+++++++++++++++
Mcontent/projects/index.gmi | 1+
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diff --git a/content/projects/d3c3nt.gmi b/content/projects/d3c3nt.gmi @@ -0,0 +1,15 @@ +# d3c3nt + +d3c3nt is a simple, clean, and flexible theme for Zola. The theme evolved from use on my site, made with vanilla CSS and HTML – and completely sans Javascript. All in all, it's fairly... decent. + +d3c3nt styles common HTML elements like headers, paragraphs, and lists; plus semantic elements like blockquotes, tables, abbreviations, and more. It also provides custom shortcodes to incorporate modern web elements in your markdown. +=> Markdown Syntax Guide +=> Rich Content + +To see the theme in action: +=> poke around on the clear web, +=> check out the demo instance, +=> and explore the source code on Gitea. + +Shout out to hegz for being the first person to adopt my theme in the wild! +=> hegz diff --git a/content/projects/index.gmi b/content/projects/index.gmi @@ -24,5 +24,6 @@ I make things! Here are some of them! They're open source! => privacy-redirect-for-safari.gmi Privacy Redirect for Safari: a Safari extension to redirect sites to privacy-friendly alternatives => txtodo.gmi txtodo: a minimalist todo list app +=> d3c3nt.gmi d3c3nt: a fairly decent theme for Zola => tofu.gmi Tofu: an easy-to-use 2FA app for iOS => simply-translate.gmi SimplyTranslate: a private front end for Google Translate