[DORMANT] a fairly decent theme for the zola static site engine
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diff --git a/content/_index.md b/content/_index.md @@ -0,0 +1,26 @@ ++++ +title = "Home" ++++ + +# d3c3nt + +d3c3nt is a simple{{ emoji(id="E24C", alt="A simple circle") }}, clean{{ emoji(id="1F9F9", alt="A broom") }}, and flexible{{ emoji(id="1F483", alt="A dancer") }} them for +personal sites, made by [FIGBERT][figbert] for the [Zola static site generator][zola]. This theme{{ emoji(id="1F3A8", alt="A paint palette") }} is actively developed mainly for +use on my personal site{{ emoji(id="1F3E0", alt="A house") }}, so new features and styles{{ emoji(id="1F484", alt="lipstick") }} will be added when I stumble onto the need to +make them. All in all, it's fairly decent. + +For more information, [check out the documentation][docs]. + +## whoami + +To learn more about me, feel free to check out [my website][figbert]{{ emoji(id="1F310", alt="A globe with meridians") }} and subscribe via the [Atom feed][atom]. You can +contact me via email at: [figbert@figbert.com][email]{{ emoji(id="1F4E9", alt="An envelope") }}. Feel free to encrypt emails to this address with [this PGP key][pgp]{{ +emoji(id="1F511", alt="A key") }}. + +[figbert]: https://figbert.com/ +[zola]: https://getzola.org/ +[docs]: @/config.md +[atom]: https://figbert.com/atom.xml +[email]: mailto:figbert+d3c3nt@figbert.com +[pgp]: https://figbert.com/publickey-pgp.asc +