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App.svelte (2929B)

      1 <script>
      2 	import DownloadIcon from "./DownloadIcon.svelte";
      4 	let phoneImg, multideviceImg;
      5 	let isDarkMode = window.matchMedia && window.matchMedia('(prefers-color-scheme: dark)').matches;
      6 	$: if (isDarkMode) {
      7 		phoneImg = "iphone-dark.png";
      8 		multideviceImg = "multidevice-dark.png";
      9 	} else {
     10 		phoneImg = "iphone-light.png";
     11 		multideviceImg = "multidevice-light.png"
     12 	}
     13 </script>
     15 <main>
     16 	<section id="ios">
     17 		<header><h1>txtodo</h1></header>
     18 		<h2>
     19 			<span>txtodo</span> is a minimalist open-source todo list app made by
     20 			<a href="https://figbert.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">figbert</a>
     21 			and inspired by
     22 			<a href="https://jeffhuang.com/productivity_text_file/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">jeff huang.</a>
     23 		</h2>
     24 		<h3>
     25 			it lists short-term tasks to help you get things done without overthinking it. plus, it's lightweight, open-source, and built with swiftui.
     26 		</h3>
     27 		<div id="download-container">
     28 			<div><DownloadIcon isDarkMode={isDarkMode} srcPair={["./apple-dark.svg", "./apple-light.svg"]} alt="apple logo" label="download on the app store" link="https://apps.apple.com/us/app/txtodo/id1504609185"/></div>
     29 			<div><DownloadIcon isDarkMode={isDarkMode} srcPair={["./github-dark.svg", "./github-light.svg"]} alt="github logo" label="view my code" link="https://git.figbert.com/FIGBERT/txtodo"/></div>
     30 		</div>
     31 	</section>
     32 	<img id="one-img" src={phoneImg} alt="txtodo running on an iPhone"/>
     33 	<img id="two-img" src={multideviceImg} alt="txtodo running on an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook"/>
     34 	<section id="mac two-text">
     35 		<h2>
     36 			txtodo v3 brings your tasks to the cloud! install txtodo on your phone and computer for a seamless cross-platform experience.
     37 		</h2>
     38 		<h3>
     39 			your tasks are secured with icloud end-to-end encryption, so your todo stays just that: yours.
     40 		</h3>
     41 	</section>
     42 </main>
     43 <section id="note">
     44 	<div>
     45 		<p>hello,</p>
     46 		<p>i'm <a href="https://figbert.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">figbert</a> – the developer of txtodo. it's nice to meet you!</p>
     47 		<p>txtodo is built to remedy the problems i've found with the task managers of today – namely, the overwhelming buildup of tasks that we procrastinate, delay, and postpone. the longer the tasks sit in our todo, the less likely they are to be completed.</p>
     48 		<p>with txtodo, this problem is gone – because those delayed tasks are too. it lists short-term tasks to help you get things done, and anything unfinished at the end of the day is discarded so you can start fresh tomorrow.</p>
     49 		<p>feel free to reach out to me with feedback, appreciation, or just to chat at <a href="mailto:figbert@figbert.com" rel="noopener noreferrer">figbert@figbert.com</a>.</p>
     50 	</div>
     51 </section>
     52 <footer id="privacy">txtodo does not track you. the only app analytics i receive are built in to the app store. this site uses <a href="https://umami.is/">self-hosted anonymous analytics</a>.</footer>