[RADIOACTIVE] rsa and symmetric key encryption scripts and executables
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tips.json (1116B)

      1 [
      2     "if the app widgets don't fit on the screen, adjust the font size in the settings page.",
      3     "to check for app updates, take a look at the settings page on app startup.",
      4     "for added security, store the keys on a seperate drive from your computer\n(i.e. flash drive, cloud storage).",
      5     "if you give someone access to your keys, they can decrypt your files.\nKeep your keys private!",
      6     "figENC supports image encryption as well as text file encryption.\nHide your private pics!",
      7     "password encryption on your keys enhances the encryption algorithm,\nfurther securing your files.",
      8     "keys generated by figENC are PEM-compatible, and should\nwork with other encryption programs.",
      9     "figENC uses a unique encryption algorithm to provide\nRSA encryption to files of any size.",
     10     "figENC's RSA encryption is military grade, and has never been broken\nby hackers or governments.",
     11     "fonts in figENC are relative. There's one font size in settings,\nand other sizes are determined based on that selection",
     12     "right click on the password entry fields to toggle text visibility. Peekaboo!"
     13 ]