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      2 title = "Privacy Redirect for Safari"
      3 date = 2021-08-14
      4 updated = 2022-09-22
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      8 [**Privacy Redirect for Safari**] is a web extension that automatically
      9 redirects sites to alternative front-ends like [Nitter] and [Teddit].
     10 These front-ends provide users with ways to access the content of
     11 popular platforms, without exploiting your private information. Until
     12 now, extensions that could redirect to these front-ends were limited to
     13 users of Chrome and Firefox. Privacy Redirect for Safari expands this
     14 functionality to Apple's native browser.
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     18 ![Privacy Redirect for Safari running on MacOS Monterey][native-app]
     20 Unlike other browsers, for many years Safari did not encourage the
     21 development of extensions. However, recent updates from Apple have
     22 signaled a change in direction, and useful extensions for Safari can
     23 finally be developed. Privacy Redirect for Safari is one of the first of
     24 this new wave of extensions.
     26 Privacy Redirect for Safari is the first step in creating a wealth of
     27 high-quality extensions for Safari. It's built with the latest and
     28 greatest in Apple technologies, like SwiftUI and [Safari Web
     29 Extensions].
     31 ![Privacy Redirect for Safari next to a Safari window open to Nitter][twitter]
     33 Privacy Redirect for Safari is a fork of Simon Brazell's [Chrome and
     34 Firefox extension], porting the extension's functionality to Safari.
     35 It solves one of the most frustrating problems with front-ends like
     36 [Nitter] – the need to manually edit links – by having the browser
     37 edit them for you.
     39 Privacy Redirect for Safari is the first public release of [SMMR
     40 Software], a collaboration between [FIGBERT] and [Jacob Neplokh]. It's
     41 currently available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
     43 Download the app [on the App Store], and explore the source
     44 code [on GitHub][**Privacy Redirect for Safari**].
     46 [**Privacy Redirect for Safari**]:
     47 [Nitter]:
     48 [Teddit]:
     49 [native-app]: macos.jpg
     50 [Safari Web Extensions]:
     51 [twitter]: twitter.jpg
     52 [Chrome and Firefox extension]:
     53 [SMMR Software]:
     54 [FIGBERT]: @/
     55 [Jacob Neplokh]:
     56 [on the App Store]: