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      2 title = "I Wrote This #2"
      3 date = 2020-06-27
      4 updated = 2022-06-15
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      7 Hi! So, I just started this series and I already missed a week. Oh well.
      8 This week was a crazy week for Apple and their operating systems, as
      9 they announced iOS 14 and macOS 11 Big Sur at this year's [WWDC]. I've
     10 also started working on a new game project, another little side project,
     11 and finding a good alternative to [Keybase] now that it's [owned by
     12 Zoom].
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     16 ## Jailbreaking my iPhone
     18 When I was a kid – or at least, a younger child than I am now – I had a
     19 friend who jailbroke his phone. I thought it was super cool, and wanted
     20 to do the same. At around the same time I was watching [TechSource], I
     21 got deep into those [Top 10 Amazing Jailbreak Tweaks] compilations.
     22 However, I wasn't allowed to jailbreak my phone because my parents said
     23 it wasn't allowed, and that was the end of that.
     25 Until last week, when I decided to jailbreak my iPhone 7 running iOS
     26 13.5.1 using the [checkra1n] hardware exploit. To do this, I couldn't
     27 use my [USB-C to Lightning cable] due to [a known issue] and instead
     28 swapped to a USB-A to Lightning cable with a USB-A to USB-C adapter.
     29 After jailbreaking the phone, I began to install a host of tweaks. One
     30 of the most interesting things I learned about the jailbreaking
     31 community is that charging upfront for apps is quite common for premium
     32 and well-known tweaks, which stands in high contrast to the iOS App
     33 Store's ubiquitous freemium payment model (a free download followed by a
     34 monthly subscription) especially in the light of the [
     35 controversy] of recent weeks.
     37 All in all, I spent around USD$21 on tweaks, which is infinitely more
     38 than I have spent on the App Store – so maybe charging upfront does
     39 work. Huh.
     41 {{ gif(sources=["jailbreak.webm", "jailbreak.mp4"]) }}
     43 ## Updating my iDevices to Developer Betas
     45 Soon after completing the jailbreak, [WWDC] happened and new developer
     46 betas were released. Never one to miss jumping on a hype train, I
     47 updated both of my main devices to the [new software]. These new betas
     48 come with a whole host of bugs, as is to be expected, which I plan to
     49 write about in a blog post coming soon. So far, however, I'm liking
     50 these updates – the PiP on iOS is *incredible*, and the new design on
     51 macOS is growing on me.
     53 Some interesting resources:
     54 * [An interview of Craig Federighi by MKBHD]
     55 * [These] [three] [issues] on GitLab for iTerm2 users
     56 * [These][t2] [two] posts for Firefox
     57 * [This Github issue] for Homebrew users. ~~so basically everybody.~~
     59 Interestingly, I was having a bunch of issues with brew (`curl` was
     60 broken?) after updating to Big Sur but now it seems to be working
     61 flawlessly. Very nice.
     63 ## Making a Doughnut in Blender
     65 For my next medium-large project, I'm going to need to make some 3D art
     66 and models. One problem: I don't know how to do that, or rather, I
     67 didn't. Thanks internet! I powered through the incredible [Blender
     68 Beginner Tutorial Series] by the [Blender Guru]. Here's my final
     69 animation:
     71 {{ gif(sources=["doughnut.webm", "doughnut.mp4"]) }}
     73 ## Replacing Keybase
     75 Now that [Keybase is compromised][owned by Zoom], I thought it would be
     76 good to seek out an alternative. Initially, I thought that []
     77 would be perfect – I thought it was a slightly-tweaked fork. However,
     78 this does not appear to be the case. Instead, it seems kinda like garbo
     79 – it doesn't have the budget Keybase had, and as a result, is majorly
     80 lacking in features. However, I've replaced Keybase completely, and am
     81 happier with this setup than I ever was with Keybase. My new setup uses
     82 [Matrix] and [Riot] for messaging, [Jitsi] for video chat, [Syncthing]
     83 for file storage, and an [Indieweb] h-card for identity verification. I
     84 plan on writing more about this at a later date, but I'm really pleased
     85 with the results so far.
     87 ## Future Projects
     89 I've got a few interesting projects in the pipeline at the moment, not
     90 counting the few articles that I've already promised to write: *Glitches
     91 in macOS Big Sur and How to Fix Them* and *How to Replace Keybase in 4
     92 Easy Steps*. My next major project is a dreidel game/simulator for
     93 mobile devices – I plan to code it with [Godot], make the models with
     94 [Blender], and do any music/sound stuff in [FLStudio]. Naturally, I'll
     95 keep you all updated on any progress there.
     97 I'm also working on a much smaller project that should take around a day
     98 or two to complete. The working title is "" –
     99 essentially, it's a website that takes the size of the State of Israel,
    100 and compares it to the size of a given location and tells you how many
    101 times Israel could fit inside it. All I need to do is find a suitable
    102 mapping API (preferably not by Google) that will tell me the size of
    103 different locations and I can whip it into a static site!
    105 I'm also planning on revamping the txtodo macOS app with Mac Catalyst,
    106 which I feel I haven't properly explored. I've also discovered a bug in
    107 the app that causes issues when tasks are modified by CloudKit instead
    108 of the user, so I'm going to have to work on that as well. Shouldn't be
    109 hard!
    111 {{ image(sources=["rick-and-morty.jpg"], fallback_path="rick-and-morty.jpg", fallback_alt="Let's go. In and out. Twenty-minute adventure.") }}
    113 ## Interesting Blog Tidbits
    115 I'm not sure what tense to write my headers in – I currently write them
    116 in [present continuous] tense but I am considering writing them like I
    117 do Git commits. Huh. I'm also committing to writing more non-update blog
    118 posts (i.e. the two I mentioned above), but we'll see how that goes.
    119 Writing is hard, and you shouldn't make false promises. I'm also working
    120 on implementing webmentions to the site, which is a little difficult
    121 with a static site but I'm going to give it a try. Lastly, I really need
    122 to learn how to use vim but it's so goddamn hard. I'm writing this blog
    123 post with it but I'm definitely not using it to its full potential at
    124 all.
    126 ## New Music
    128 Wow, these have been a great two weeks for the Israeli music scene. In
    129 no particular order, here are some good new songs (basically in the
    130 order they appear on the trending tab):
    132 * [Habib Albi – Static and Ben El](
    133 * [Rak Banot – Itay Levi and Stephane Legar](
    134 * [Shvuaim – Eden Hason](
    135 * [Yom Huledet – Eliad](
    136 * [Hatzi Madleket – Dudu Faruk](
    137 * [Hayde – Peled](
    138 * [Ze Mi She Ani – Peled](
    140 I know music isn't tech, but I like it and now it's a recurring section.
    142 ## Wrapup
    144 So, that's been this week's update. I'm really enjoying writing updates
    145 on this blog, and I hope you stick around. Until then, farewell!
    147 --
    148 FIGBERT
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