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Inform Class Projects

This summer I took a class on text adventures and gaming history. Along the way I made a few text adventures myself, which you can find in this repository. The "challenge-x.inform" projects do not have any real story – they were games we were tasked to make to demonstrate that we could implement a specific feature correctly.

One Angry Wizard is a puzzle game where you are trapped in a pocket dimension created by... an angry wizard, and have to find a way out. You can download a .gblorb of the game here to play on your machine with an IF interpreter (I use Gargoyle).


To install the games, clone the repo:

git clone

And install the editor:

# macOS
brew cask install inform


Open the .inform directory in the Inform7 editor. To play the game without exiting the editor, hit the "Go!" button in the top-left. To export the game to a playable .gblorb, hit the "Release" button and navigate to the directory displayed on-screen.

If you downloaded the .gblorb directly, just load it into your interactive fiction player and have fun!